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VeloCloud Event Log to Splunk

Recently announced is the ability for VeloCloud Edges to send Syslog to your favorite syslog server. This is a welcome feature to the VeloCloud product but there are some events that occur in the VeloCloud Orchestrator that are not Edge specific. Today we will demonstrate the use of the VeloCloud REST API and Splunk Modular Inputs to pull the VeloCloud Orchestrator Event Log data into Splunk…

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vSphere Replication 8.x

vSphere Replication (VR) is VMware’s replication tool to replicate VM’s between vCenters. VR supports various Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery scenarios and can also be used as a backup solution as replications can use the same vCenter for both source and destination. VR is free to anyone running Essentials Plus and is deployed as an appliance in OVF format.

Together with VMware’s Site Recovery Manager (SRM), comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plans be can built. vSphere Replication replicates at the VM level and does not rely on any underlying store replication technology. SRM can also interface directly with storage replication technologies using Storage Replication Adapters (SRA). A combination of both VM based replication (VR) and array based replication (SRA) can be created in SRM.

This post focuses on the use of VR for backup…

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VSAN and vSphere 6.5…

There is a not so nice feature in vSphere 6.5 which makes VSAN explicitly dependent on vCenter. It is detailed in the release notes but easily overlooked…

Fixed in the latest update of vSphere/vCenter, but just be aware of the following steps before bouncing vCenter for maintenance or upgrade…

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Making room for NSX… Deleting ESXi VIB’s

VIB’s are kernel modules which make up the various capabilities of the VMware vSphere ESXi hypervisor together with hardware device drivers. When building vSphere ESXi Servers, hardware vendors can assist by providing ISO images which include hardware monitoring VIB’s together with common storage and network driver VIB’s for their servers.

There is a limit to the size of the vSphere ESXi boot image location (bootbank) of around 250MB and unfortunately, some hardware vendor ISO images are filled with so many device drivers, there is no room for additional drivers. This can cause NSX host preparations to fail…

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NSX-V SpoofGuard via API

SpoofGuard is a feature of NSX that provides administrative control of IP and Mac address assignment for VM’s. The two benefits of Spoofguard are to (1) control virtual machine access to virtual network switches, and (2) protect against unauthorized IP address and MAC address changes by virtual machine OS administrators and users.

Like other capabilities of NSX, SpoofGuard administrative control can be accessed via the NSX API…

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