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VeloCloud Event Log to Splunk

Recently announced is the ability for VeloCloud Edges to send Syslog to your favorite syslog server. This is a welcome feature to the VeloCloud product but there are some events that occur in the VeloCloud Orchestrator that are not Edge specific. Today we will demonstrate the use of the VeloCloud REST API and Splunk Modular Inputs to pull the VeloCloud Orchestrator Event Log data into Splunk…

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Transparent Page Sharing Changes…

Just a heads up to say there are some changes in future vSphere releases to Transparent Page Sharing (TPS) to improve VM to VM security…

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NSX vSphere 6.1 now GA

What’s New in NSX for vSphere 6.1.0

NSX vSphere 6.1 includes multiple new features as well as operations, consumption, and hardening enhancements…

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VMware NSX vSphere 6.1 Announced at VMWorld…

I’m pretty excited about this… NSX 6.1 Announcement

New features include:

  • DHCP Enhancements / DHCP Relay
  • Two stage ECMP support
  • L2 VPN (including VLAN trunking) from two different NSX edges between two different (stretched) data centers
  • Load balancing improvements: UDP & FTP load balancing is supported
  • Seamless integration with F5 firewalls
  • Enhancements to the NSX distributed firewall include: reject action, enhancements to troubleshoot and monitoring

For me personally, the ECMP support stands out as awesome! Enjoy!!

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NSX Multi-Hypervisor 4.2.0 is now GA

This is a pretty special release adding some impressive features…
·         Controller hitless failover
·         Controller hitless upgrade
·         TCP flag-based security profiles
·         DHCP relay
·         OVS performance improvements
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