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vCloud Air + Google Integration

Announced January 29th, VMware’s Cloud Service vCloud Air will add Google Cloud Platform Services.  Google Cloud Storage, BigQuery, Cloud Datastore and Cloud DNS will be integrated into vCloud Air and operate just like other services from VMware, complete with authorization, authentication and terms of service.

This means vCloud Air customers will have access to the new services under their existing services contracts with vCloud Air. Customers simply pay for the Google Cloud Platform services they consume.

Furthermore, based on the terms of the VMware – Google partnership, Google will never be able to use VMware customer information and in fact will not have visibility into which customers are using their services – Certainly a very important consideration for customers.

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ESXI + RDM’s + MSCS (VPLEX) Gotcha

Not networking, but a little gotcha that caught me out today with very slow boot times for ESXi V5.5 associated with RDM’s and MSCS configured LUN’s mounted via VPLEX. Details in the following KB article associated with a volume flag called “perennially-reserved”…

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vExpert 2015

Congratulations to all vExpert 2015 recipients!

I am very proud to be selected to this very prestigious group of bloggers and contributors… Each of these vExperts have demonstrated significant contributions to the community and a willingness to share their expertise with others. Contributing is not always blogging or Twitter as there are many public speakers, book authors, script writers, VMUG leaders, VMTN community moderators and internal champions among this group.

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NSX L2VPN within the Data Center

NSX Edge Services Gateways (ESGs) are deployed to perform various network functions (Network Function Virtualization) in an NSX environment.

ESG’s deployed configured for L2VPN provide Layer 2 network adjacency between data centers allowing VLANs – VLANs, VLANs – VXLANs, and VXLANs – VXLANs to be bridged across a Metro Area or Wide Area Network.

The primary use case for L2VPN Edge Services Gateways is Private Cloud to Private Cloud and Private Cloud to Public Cloud Layer 2 LAN/VXLAN extension, but they are also a useful tool for VM mobility within a data center…

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The Phoenix Virtual Application…

Traditionally, applications based on physical and/or virtual machines have a lifecycle that can be measured in months to years. Today, a Software Defined Data Center virtual application and its network security constructs can easily be defined in a Blueprint for consumption as needed, but longevity of these applications worse case can still be considerable.

The Phoenix Virtual Application describes an application that has a lifecycle measured from minutes to a few weeks at most, then reclaimed (deleted) and redeployed over and over again…

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