NSX VIB’s and Nutanix / Auto Deploy

I recently completed an NSX implementation on Nutanix with no issues. My peers ran into a little “gotcha” where the NSX VIB’s needed to be loaded before Nutanix VIB’s…

The following procedure allows you to extract the NSX VIBs for pre installation and is actually the same step required to extract the VIB in preparation for an Auto Deploy implementation:

High level procedure is as follows:

  1. Download and extract the VIBs. Note that VIB locations have changed for NSX 6.2 and the new VIB location on the NSX Manager Virtual Appliance is based on patch level as detailed in the following KB… 2092871
  2. Move them to a shared datastore (preferably), then run this on each host for each VIB…
  3. esxcli software vib install –no-sig-check -v /vmfs/volumes/shareddatastore/xxxx.vib

A tech note detailing Nutanix networking for VMware vSphere is available via the following link: http://go.nutanix.com/TechGuide-Nutanix-VMwarevSphereNetworkingonNutanix_LP.html

Figure 1 from the above tech note is essentially the vDS configuration that would be used by NSX with the addition of a VLAN for the NSX VTEP interfaces:

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 8.39.01 AM

The tech note specifically states not to modify Nutanix control VM configuration or the Nutanix internal vSphere Standard Switch! Obviously very good reasons not to 😉

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