Encapsulation for the Virtual (and Physical) World… Geneve!

A great article written by Bruce Davie from the VMware Office of the CTO details the proposed IETF encapsulation standard Generic Network Virtualization Encapsulation, better known as Geneve and why it is needed… http://cto.vmware.com/geneve-vxlan-network-virtualization-encapsulations

Optimized for x86 to x86 tunneling providing all the best features of STT combined with all the best features of VXLAN…

Point to note about encapsulation methodologies in general – They are not mutually exclusive of each other and certainly in the case of VXLAN Tunnel EndPoint (VTEP) capability currently implemented in many hardware switches, it will be normal and appropriate for multiple encapsulation technologies to be in use simultaneously across your data center infrastructure… So IPSEC, GRE, STT, VXLAN, and now Geneve 😉

IETF draft standard is here: http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-gross-geneve-00


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