Turning Data Centers into Hotels…

So first, a big shout out to my new friends Sam, Anna, and Ashley at the Marriott Fashion Center Chandler – They are awesome, but today they are also my favorite data center network engineers and they did not even know it…

A decade ago, a very astute Operations Manager Michelle Renard said to me he wanted a “hotel” model for data center application deployment.

At the time, building such constructs was very cumbersome and complex given the data center scale we were dealing with at the time – The reality was that it was technically difficult and operationally complex.

A “hotel model” for application data center security describes the ability to apply security policy (isolation or limited access)… to an application (customer)… deployed across the data center (checking into a hotel).

Security policy is pre defined up with an application having full access to data center services (in room amenities)… while also having access to common areas (gym,  swimming pool, lounge etc).

A network/security diagram?

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 9.19.06 AM

Today, applying VM metadata security tagging and deploying applications with their data center and application security constructs is just as easy as checking into a hotel.

Somewhat comical, the bill you get at the end of the month from your favorite cloud hosting service has been known to be just as complex as your hotel invoice at the end of your stay!

So, just another way to think about application security and the capabilities of network virtualization combined with VM metadata security tagging… Of course, all my applications should have platinum service 😉

Off Topic… Anna’s (from Marriott) food blog!

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