VXLAN is now RFC-7348

Pretty sweet news today detailing VXLAN is now RFC-7348. IETF documents the protocol as “implemented”.

Feedback I received is the VXLAN specification was submitted through the Independent Stream Editor (ISE) process and it took a while to get to this point with version 00 submitted around 3 years ago. There were 9 updates to the specification, but no fundamental changes to the encapsulation or baseline specification.


A thank you to the individuals who developed the specification and worked this lengthy process…

M. Mahalingam, Storvisor
D. Dutt, Cumulus Networks
K. Duda, Arista
P. Agarwal, Broadcom
L. Kreeger, Cisco
T. Sridhar, VMware
M. Bursell, Intel
C. Wright, Red Hat

And a thank you to Bruce Davie, VMware for all the advice and guidance over the last year and a half to help us navigate the process!

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